Leveraging Philips Hue?

Discussion in 'Philips CoralCare' started by Tristren, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there is any possibility of the CoralCare team leveraging Philips Hue resources at some point. I would think that access to all of the digital resources from the Hue teams and other home automation groups at Philips would be a big advantage for you guys.

    This could be in terms of developing the dedicated controller app for the CoralCare itself. Adding direct connectivity could add some "just for fun" features as well I suppose (having a scene setting that makes your room lighting follow your CoralCare through its sunset or something) but mainly I meant that the digital expertise and resources should allow for the implementation of a top notch, user-friendly, interface for the lights. Using scenes as profiles and even allowing integration with IFTTT to adjust lighting seasonally or based on weather etc...

    Has that been discussed at all?


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