Lighting a 300g DD tank, how many G4 pro's

Discussion in 'EcoTech Marine' started by AtlCPA, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Planning a tank build, but keep running into issues with various sizes, custom vs stock, etc.

    With the Marineland 300g DD (72,36,27), the 36inch deep seems to be a problem for lighting.

    3 xR 30 G4 pros cover the the 72 x 24, but I guess I'm going to have to get 3 more maybe xr15's to cover the extra 12 inches?

    the g4's say a recommended spread of 24x24, but max of 32x32 spread, so maybe I'm only talking about 2 inches in the front and 2 inches in the back that aren't getting covered? If it's lower light corals on the sand bed in the front, maybe it's fine?

    Seems like spending another 1-2k for that foot of coverage makes the 300dd a no go if that's what would be recommended.

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    I’m running 4 g4 pro’s over a 150g and that is definitely overkill. For your build, 3 would be fine for most corals however I’d add a 4th if you’re thinking of going sps dominated.
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    Depends on what you want to keep. IF you want to add bushy, branching, millie acros then I would recommend to add 3 radions and 4 rows of T5. Will cost you less then $400 with bulbs for T5 and provide better shading for the front and back of the reef for better PAR surround the corals.
    I just added 2 rows of T5 and The biggest thing I noticed was the radions (while they spread par well), they are still a wide angle spot light. They did not provide enough light to underside of SPS facing the front and back glass (which showed in fading of SPS frags facing the front glass). I use a PAR meter with and without the T5 and its almost like night and day. More even coverage and the PAR is distributed more fully since a round tube is obviously going to spread light in all directions and with great reflectors I was shocked. I just added these today so still early to tell but when I upgrade it will be max 3 radions and the remainder will be T5s

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    I'm running 4 g pros on my running it at 50% super growth
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