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Local Sale Only: Upstate New York: 36x36x31 Cube with stand, Custom 80g Sump, 60g Frag Tank, 30G Fuge, Skimmer, Reefbreeders, Geo Calc and kalk rx

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May 28, 2017
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I am breaking down my tank. All live stock is gone. This was display tank in my living room and sump, fuge, and frag tank in the basement. All connected. It was a highly successful SPS tank. All things listed are for sale locally and not shipping. It is all located in Averill Park NY.
I am selling my 175g Cube Tank. Dimensions are 36Wx36Lx31H. The tank was made by Glass Cages and is made of ½” glass. The front and sides are starfire. The tank is euro braced. It has a built in overflow in the middle of the back of the tank. The tank is in very good shape.
The tank comes with a stand also made by Glass cages. The stand is solid but could use some work to make it look pretty but it is structurally sound and sturdy and very usable as is.
I have a screen lid for the tank to keep the jumpers in!
I have the overflow plumbing and 1 return line that splits to two VGA nozzles.
Currently the tank and stand would cost $4000 new (as built on Glass Cages) $500

I also have a remote sump for sale. The sump started as a 80gallon rimless tank and I built baffles out of ½” plate glass. There is a sock holder, then a chamber for marine pure/rocks, refuge, then a large section for skimmer, reactors, and other pumps, then bubble trap, then the return section for heaters and return pumps. I plumbed this for 2 external pumps so there are bulk heads on the return side but they can be blocked. Currently they have valves on the bulk heads. $200

I have a 30 gallon rimless fuge or display tank. It is roughly 20x20x20. There is a ghost overflow on the center of the back wall and a return line on the left side. I have a Led grow light that was used to grow chaeto in the tank. $100

I have a frag tank which is a 60g rimless tank with the original corner overflow removed and plugged and a ghost overflow installed on the left rear corner. I have a bulkhead return line installed on the right hand side. I have black egg crate that covers the entire bottom of the tank on legs. $150

I have a Reef Breeders Photon V2+50” Led light with remote that works perfect for the frag tank. ($899 New) $400

I have a geos Reef 618 Calcium reactor with a DIY 2nd chamber for higher pH affluent. New pump on reactor. I have some bags of media. The reactor is fed with a digital Masterflex Peri pump. I have 2 co2 tanks and a custom built brass dual stage regulator. (make offer in person. If your looking at this, you know what it costs)

I have a matching Geos Reef 618 kalk reactor. This matches the Calcium reactor and is driven by a matching Masterflex digital Peri pump. I have extra tubing for all of it. (make offer in person on this as well. Best to go with the calcium reactor as that is the best set up)

I have a reef octopus SRO 3000 sss internal Protein Skimmer. ($599 new) (fits perfectly in the sump!) the skimmer is plumbed for external skimmer collection but can be used with just the cup. It is also wired up to work with Apex with a float in the cup and external container. asking $250

I have return pumps External Panworld 150 ($100) and Fluval SP6 ($50) and Fluval SP4 ($40)

400w Cozumel Sun Halide with 2 passive DIY LED bars. Comes with tons of extra bulbs and extra ballast. LEDs are equivalent of blue, royal blue and uv channels of 2 radion xr320 pros. Needs to be rewired. $150

Build Thread:
(new sump and frag tank not pictured)

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