Looking for a good nano skimmer for my 49 gal Waterbox


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Sep 20, 2022
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I found a Waterbox 50.3 (49.1 gal) on sale for a really good price and I'm thinking of buying it tomorrow. I'm still deciding on lights but I really want to use a skimmer for my AIO tank. I know it's recommended the larger you go considering the increase in bioload. Right now I have my eyes on the Tunze 9004. I know it is rated for 65 gallons but that's for low bioload. After my cycling is done, I'm thinking of starting with a pair of clownfish.

The dimensions of its skimmer box are 6.1"×4.7"×17.7".

I'll be taking it slowly and adding soft corals a few months after that.

Stocking wishlist:
2 x Ocellaris Clowns
1 x Watchman Goby + Tiger
1 x Firefish
1 x Mandarin Dragonet
1 x Spotted Jawfish
1 x Tailspot Blenny
Will the Tunze 9004 struggle with this bioload in the future? Do you guys have a better recommendation?
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Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED bar


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Jun 6, 2022
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Huntington Beach
I honestly don’t know how many choices you have with that setup, looks like WB recommends that exact model for that tank.

My understanding of that skimmer is it works well, but may be a little funky to maintain and tune in.

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