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Nov 28, 2021
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Palm Coast
Looking for a local BTA. A small BTA is preferred so it can grow in my aquarium.
I am open to almost any variation of colors. Depending on price ofc.
My clowns are currently hosting in a large branching hammer coral and I really want that to stop.
The hammer is doing well and growing rapidly but i feel the clowns are just annoying the heck out of it.
And I am ready to add a nice BTA for them.

Also willing to trade a frag of the hammer coral mentioned.
Here is a pic of the mother hammer, its about the size of a baby's head. About 20 or so branches.
The frag is about the size of a baseball, i think about 3-4 branches. hammer1.jpg

Looking for someone local if possible. East/Central Florida. Around the Daytona Beach to St Augustine area.
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