Looking for help with a couple things going on in my tank


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Dec 18, 2020
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St Louis
Hi Everyone,

The past 5ish months have been a serious learning experience but I am finally getting over the initial humps and am happy with how my tank is developing. In the last couple days I've noticed a couple new things and am hoping to get your feedback on that they might be.

First is this red algae looking stuff that seems to be growing near one of my Montis. The strange thing is it seems to have only grown on top of an superglue in this one area. Any ideas?
Red Stuff?.jpg

Next up is the same Monti. I've noticed this neon green areas right on the leading edge. They glow really brightly when I have the blues on but not something I've seen before with this particular coral. Also I am pretty sure that to the bottom right is a vermidet snail but let me know if you think other wise?
green on montipora?.jpg

Finally, one of my Hammers came on a piece of live rock that I now think is actually a sponge of some sort? The circles parts appear to siphon water in and out. Am I right?



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Jan 15, 2019
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Charlotte, NC
I agree. Some kind of red slime algae. It can smoother coralsI have a friend dealing with it and it can be a nightmare. I’d try to suction it out and not let it get a good hold.

I’m not sure what the thing on the right is. Does it ever have “slime” strings?

also, you didn’t ask, but that’s a Cyphastrea, not a monti. Their growing edges are often a different color. Keep an eye on it to make sure it’s not receding, but I suspect that it’s growing in those spots.

it does look like a sponge on the hammer. Is it growing faster than the hammer and has the hammer condition improved or declined? I might try to remove it, but wait for someone to confirm before going bananas on it.
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Apr 29, 2021
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Dang okay. Any recommendations for how to deal with it before it get's out of control?
Is that all the red slime you have in your tank? If so, just suction it off the rock and do a test for Nitrates & Phosphates.

If it gets out of hand chemiclean works great, just make sure you follow the instructions.
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