Lots of questions???? All help appreciated.


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Nov 21, 2014
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Ok, so let me start this off on the right foot here.

I'm going to be new to the SW side of things and have millions of questions, but there is no way to ask them all now.

A little bit about myself before I start asking questions. I have had multiple FW aquariums (from 10gal to 120gal) and am wanting to switch over to reef tanks.

Let's put it this way, my wife and I are both divers and can not get enough of the ocean. So, my goal is to custom build a monster of a tank (9,020gal display tank) and have it as a center piece for our home in about 5-10 years time. Now before anyone starts yelling and blurting out their opinions on why I should stay away from this until I'm more experienced, I know. I will be "moving up the ranks" so to speak as we mover closer to my goal. Advice on Better planning and preparation is what I'm looking for.

My questions pertain to my dream tank at the moment, as I am trying to figure out a realistic time frame and overall design to achieve said goal.

First off, my thoughts on the dimensions of the tank.
-half cylinder shaped
-16' in length on the straight side, 6' from the middle of the straight side to the center of the curved side with an 8' height. (Hopefully that makes sense lol)
This gives the aquarium a rough gallon estimate of about 9,020gal.
The straight side would be a wall in the dining room, and the curved side of the tank for the library.

Now that that's out of the closet I think it's time for some questions.

Sump size? I know bigger the better, but would it be best to do a sort of 5,000gal lagoon type of thing or is it possible to do 2 or 3 separate smaller sumps? And what is the difference between a sump and refugium tank? (Hope that's not a stupid question)

Other tanks with it?
I know I will need/want a QT tank, but what else?

Mixing Station?
A must for me. Any suggestions on setup and size for a build this big?
-along those lines would the "maintenance room" be better placed the floor below (not directly below of coarse) or above the display tank?

Which lights would be best for that deep of a tank? LED's, metal halides?

I am in love with cat sharks and bamboo sharks, but my concern is the corners where the curved edge meets the straight edge. Will that be ok for the sharks or will the sharp corners be a bad idea? What would be a good rule of thumb for livestock to tank size as I would love to have as many fish/coral as I can but still want to be on the conservative side of things and not crowd anything?

Also, equipment?
Any brands to stay away from or be a must have? Pumps strong enough for this build?

Those are the big concerns/questions that I have now, and would greatly appreciate any and all feedback.


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Mar 22, 2012
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Sayreville, NJ
You need to search "Bill Wann" and his in home aquarium.....it's a monster. If I'm not mistake, I believe Bill now offers equipment for really big tank people. Check it out!

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