Low pH issues


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Apr 24, 2018
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Way upstate NY

7.7 to 7.9 is not low PH, but normal PH for a tank of water in a sealed up home with people contributing to the homes CO2 level.

And until BRS came out with the "optimal" PH video, no one even cared what the PH of there tank was. We can all thank BRS for all the "low PH" threads we see now. Chasing PH numbers is like chasing any number for our tanks in this hobby, pretty fruitless for the amount of extra growth you will see from raising your PH 0.4 points. Unless your trying to grow and frag corals for money, chasing that optimal PH number is pointless.

Remember, never chase a number as it will cause you more problems and headaches then it's worth.


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Dec 22, 2020
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Jacksonville, FL

josephxsxn you were right. I added an air-stone just to see what would happen and my pH immediately started to rise. I have a small Tunze Comoline skimmer that does not use much air (it does a great job skimming though).​

I have only been chasing pH because things have not been right in my tank since it crashed a year ago due to a run away heater that happed when I was away for the weekend. So I bought Apex. All my numbers have been pretty good for about 6 months but my pH was on the low side and my Alk consumption was almost zero. I used to does significant amounts of Alk everyday when my tank was healthy... And now I dose nothing (10% water changes every week). But since my pH has gone up 0.1 over the last three days my Alk has actually started to drop.

So I think in my case the pH increase is actually helping the overall health of my tank





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Jun 25, 2021
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7 Springfield Ave Greenlawn NY 11740
i've had ph problems for the last few months now. getting down to the 7.7's... I started running a skimmer and dosing Kalkwasser a couple times a day with a dos pump but not in my ato reservoir. The Kalk seems to be helping a little from my apex readings but not by much because my daily alk consumption is so low it jacks up my alk reading to much per the Trident tests. windows open during the day doesn't seem to work and co2 scrubbing is not an option because of cost at this exact moment. is there anything I can do to hit that 8.2 - 8.3 range?????
Sometimes it is as simple as changing lights. Even if your lights are high end, LED loose intensity after the 3-4 year mark.

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