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    A few from our current collection...enjoy!

    Here's how it works...

    1. ALL SHIP FREE ... yup, the price is the price. We'll ship to you in the US (48) at our cost.

    2. BUY MORE, SAVE MORE ... pick 2, save 10%, pick 3, save 20%, 3 and up, 25% off the grand total.

    3. WE ARE STACKED with coral right now...too many to photograph. We have full colonies and frags of HUNDREDS of pieces at our shop.. zoas, acans, lobos, hammers, torch, frogs, mushrooms, acros, blastos, leathers, ULTRA BTA's...you get it. So, just ask if there is a certain gem you've been looking for and we can get you info. Remember, add ons also ship free and we're always happy to make a deal ;)


    #1 ULTRA RAINBOW ACAN - Full Colony 5" - $499

    We ALWAYS frag these up.... but this one was just too pretty. So, if you're an Acan collector (or just like corals with 10 colors in them LOL), this one's for you.


    #2 ULTRA ACAN - Full Colony 5" - $449

    Again, not too often we have these this BIG. This one is SUPER vibrant Cyan with deep Orange centers.


    #3 ULTRA ACAN - Full Colony 5"+ - $499

    In person, this one grabs the eye as much (if not more) than the rainbow above...pics do not do it justice. The "green" is just as much yellow and contrasts the blue perfectly. And this one is BIG.


    #4 ULTRA RAINBOW ACAN - Mini Colony $249

    Maybe the best deal of the bunch? We sell these for $40 per head all day. I mean...dang! This mini colony has at least 8 heads and has been under LEDs for 6 weeks + and just gets better. Slight blur in the photo..but you get the point.


    #5 ULTRA LOBO - $299

    We've had this one under LEDs in our grow out for 2+ mos. Weekly feedings and low/med light. Yes, all those colors are really there... this thing is a stunner!


    #6 ULTRA LOBO - $399

    Fully cultured for over 2 years in captivity. This Lobo hurts to look at. Color, Shape, Pop, Size and WOW factor...check, check, check....


    OK, that's all for tonight...

    email support@lovethereef.com for info...

    Thanks for looking!
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