For sale Magic Carpet Mushroom

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Magic Carpet Mushroom 1.5”+

Price:$275 shipped

Shipping Included, I will be very cautious of the weather when deciding with the buyer what day to ship. Will include heat packs as necessary. DOA shown below

Doa: Standard 2 hr doa with pic of coral in bag. If coral is by any chance dead, I will either refund cost minus shipping or send replacement.

How much of your saltwater reef tank is automated?

  • Nothing is automated

    Votes: 59 13.3%
  • 25% or so

    Votes: 139 31.2%
  • 50% or so

    Votes: 103 23.1%
  • 75% or so

    Votes: 95 21.3%
  • Close to 100%

    Votes: 46 10.3%
  • Totally Automated (we need proof)

    Votes: 3 0.7%