Magnetic Frag Stations and Reef Shelves week of 10-23-17



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Oct 10, 2006
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OK we have a few more ready to go. What we have in this batch is a trial run of single magnet power stations. These are designed to hide the mp-40 or mp-10 on the side of an aquarium. We went with one magnet on these simply to keep the price down. But being ceramic we have to use the stronger magnet. We have to offset the magnet so it has to be strong so it doesn't dip on one side. They are $95 each and they come in Black only. We are also changing up how we rate the magnetics in hopes of causing less confusion. Right now we still have a few pieces left that we can switch magnets around to adjust the strength of the piece. We decided to simplify it. We will have two strength ratings on our Magnetic and Nano Magnetic Frag Stations. There will be a future exception to this with an even smaller magnetic in the works but more on that another time. Black will be rated to 3/4" and Natural will be rated to 3/8" thick aquarium walls. Like I said we have a few pieces left that can still be upgraded in natural but we are getting low.

PM or email [email protected] with the piece you would like. Make sure you put a B in front of the number to signify you want a black magnetic piece.

The rest are Magnetic Frag Stations rated up to 3/4" in Black. $95 each as well. Shipping is $10.

B7. 8.5" Wide, 5.5" Deep, 15 Holes for Plugs.

B8. 8" Wide, 6" Deep, 15 Holes for Plugs.

B9. 8" Wide, 6" Deep, 15 Holes for Plugs.

B10. 7.5" Wide, 6" Deep, 15 Holes for Plugs.

B11. 8.5" Wide, 6" Deep, 17 Holes for Plugs.

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