Major Dino outbreak.. Does anybody have a small micron sock + syphon recommendation?



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Aug 1, 2022
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As you can see from the video below, Im going through quite the Dino outbreak. 95% of it is concentrated on the sand.

I was at 0/0 N/P. I have been dosing NeoNitrate + NeoPhos to maintain nutrients. I'm aiming for 8ppm Nitrate and 0.1 Phosphate. Rocks are starting to turn green, probably a good sign. I'm also doing MB7 daily along with phyto

The next step I want to take in this war is to syphon the thick mat of Dinos off the sand. However, I want to avoid disturbing the sand bed and just try to suck up the Dinos. Does anyone have a recommendation for a syphon that would help with that? In addition I would want to route that through a sock so I could pour the "clean" water back into the tank. Anybody have a good 5 micron filter sock reccoemdnation? I'm having trouble finding a good option. Thanks!

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