Mantis illnesses and diseases

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Mar 11, 2019
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Walking along the beach in queensland today, I came across this fella above the tide line. It didnt look all that healthy but i put that down to being out of water. Popped it in a quarantine tank and if it isnt panic swimming all it does is sit in the corner like that. Has a chromis in there if it gets hungry and I used sea water to start to avoid shock but im about half transfered over to rodi already . My question is does anyone know what common diseases wild shrimp can get as i certainly dont want to transfer anything over to my other shrimp ABB05EBF-0F97-4A61-830B-01A577890B42.jpeg 4FFF5E7A-666F-473A-97A2-DFA585F5C1C6.jpeg
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