For sale Mastertronic & Reagents for sale

This item has been sold and is no longer available!
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Mastertronic: $1,100 firm (paid $1,300)
Reagents and spares: $140 firm (paid $192)
Local pickup in Canton, MI (48188) is preferred. If not locally sold in 2 weeks I can ship at buyer’s expense.
  • The Mastertronic is in pristine condition, currently working on my DT. Includes original documentation, boxes and shipping materials.
  • Reagents in vials and open bottles are 3 weeks old included with the Mastertronic.
  • All the reagents and spare needles/syringes in the picture are new and for sale separately.
  • If picking up, you can confirm is working properly before buying and I can show you how to use/uninstall/install if you like.
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Aug 16, 2020
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I have been asked why I'm selling it.
The technology is really cool but I have 2 tanks to test and Mastertronic can test one of them automatically. I still need to do manual testing on the other tank which kind of defeats my original plan of not having to worry about testing.
I have all the Hanna checkers, adjustable pipettes, and vortex mixer so once I sit to start testing one tank, doing a second one doesn't take much longer.
Mastertronic is doing all the tests twice a week for me but I'm starting to dose individual elements which require more frequent ICP tests so between ICPs every other month and weekly manual tests I think I'm covered.

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