Maxspect Jump DC return pump 8K for sale. Like new


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Oct 10, 2018
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I am selling a 2,113 GPH Maxspect Jump DC return pump. Asking $200 including shipping. It only has about 6 months worth of use on it as my main return pump in my 120 gallon sps reef tank. The pump worked flawlessly the entire time but I am getting out of the hobby for the time being and am selling off everything on the tank. Includes everything that came in the original packaging down to the zip ties (forgot to picture the controller mount but that’s in there too). More to come in the near future as I take everything offline including apex bundle, 3 hydra 26’s, gyres, skimz skimmer, Tunze ato and more. Cleaned everything meticulously in citric acid before posting. Pm me if you’re interested in anything. Thanks!

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