Mixed Reef Waterbox 220.6

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May 5, 2021
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Mt dora
This build thread is way overdue, 8 months to say the least. I am a single mom to 2 little boys so very little time to devote to "me" time. Its always been something that I thought was out of my reach to have a reef tank. Have always been fascinated with ocean life in general and am very blessed to have one know. I'm just going to sum up the tank and find what pics I have for now. Moving forward will update in a timely manner.; i had zero experience prior to this build, barely any even know, lets just be honest. It's been a very humbling journey that has been full of twists and turns. Very fortunate and happy to be part of this group--I continually learn from you all.

Tank Size 72.3"×25.3"×23.6" --Had to hire moving men to get this baby into place! The freight company just sent 1 man to deliver and I paid extra to have it brought inside or so I thought. We almost got into it and then started talking "reef" --all was good. Ended up apologizing profusely. I was just so excited, FOR WEEKS, to put together and could not move. Side note: Wish I had set it off the wall more than what I did. Those cords are terribly difficult to maneuver.

NYOS 220 Protein Skimmer
Aquaillumination Hydra 32 HD LED Reef Light x 2
Aquaillumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Light x 2
Maxspect XF350 Gyre Flow Pumps
Reef Octopus Vario S8 Controllable Circulation Pump
XP Aqua Duetto Dual-Sensor ATO
Testing: Hanna

105 lbs Live Rock from KP Aquatics--received feather dusters, mantis shrimp, emerald crab, multiple starfish of different varieties, sponges, urchin and hermit crabs as hitchhikers. Oh, how could I forget -- and apstatia. caught that sh#t right away and just about killed the live rock it was on, but got it! Haven't seen any in 6 months. Beautiful Coraline, with colors from standard purple and pink to orange and red.

Substrate: CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Reef Sand (bags and bags and bags-A TON)

CUC: Nassarius Snails
Blue Leg Hermit Carbs
Cleaner Shrimp

Fish: Blue/Green Black Axil Chromis x7
ORA® Captive-Bred Misbar Caramel Clownfish x2
Pajama Cardinal x1
Blonde Naso Tang
Foxface -This little guy was my 1st fish bought him without any research. Thankfully, he is very peaceful and is besties with my Naso. They rest together and are always side by side swimming.

10/21After months of battling Diatoms I FINALLY invested in a 5 stage RODI, which was shortly after starting build thread. Diatoms finally went away. After the Diatoms, I started to get bubble algae, red slime and that brilliant green algae. After bubble algae popped up I used Vibrant ..bubble algae gone in came red slime and fast. Dosed Chemicleam and red slime gone. This was the only time in past year I resorted to any chemicals. That was the one thing I did right. It was manually cleaning religiously. On a side note, the life in the rocks still surprise me and I still have yet to ID all that I have seen and have.

2/22 I started the refugium. Initially with Chaeto, Red Gracilaria & Ulva from Reef Cleaners. Used chamber directly after socks and before skimmer. Ulva and Gracilaria seemed to be dying and tossed. Later realized there was a way to attach to a rock in fuge for growth. My naso and Foxface wanted nothing to do with either anyhow. Main purpose was to make sure I had a healthy pod population as I am waiting on a Melanurus Wrasse and Bella Goby from Dr Reef.

I have Vermetid snails..Mostly on 1 rock so I added Bumblebee snails and they are keeping them at bay. I know because the snails are always on that side of tank and I have actually seem them hovering anytime I wake in the middle of the night and look.

Added a liferock a few weeks ago to get some height on one side of tank. At that point, I had my first acro for a few months that was thriving and wanted a higher par for a few that I had picked up after making sure that the one was healthy and happy. Still very much a learning curve. My scape is typical florida boulder rock and on top of coral placement wanted to have extra "safe" spots for fish.

CUC update:
turbo snails
trochus snail
bumble bee snails
brittle star
pin cushion urchin

Need to do:
research and add more fish
install timer on refugium light
add a cooler fan for temp control
add temp control panel
rehome Chromis
add small pump to fuge to keep detrius moving

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