Mounting Options - Kessil A500X + OR3



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Apr 15, 2021
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Hi all,

I picked up a Neptunian Cube S90 the other day as I was finally fed up with other smaller tank I currently have. As of now Im really impressed with the build quality of the Neptunuan Cube - its quite nice.

However - Im trying to figure out lighting. I have an A500X for the current tank. Its ok. I havent been terribly impressed by it.

Im considering sticking with the A500x but adding 4 Ophek OR3 bars. Does anyone know if any good mounting options for this? I would love something like the Reefbrite setup but with OR3's of course instead of their strips.

Ive also seen Kessils with T5's in a slick mount - but I cant recall the name. Of course again I would like to have OR3's rather than T5's.

The other option Im considering is dropping the A500X and just going with 1-2 Atlantik's. I do like the shimmer of the A500X however - but Im willing to sacrifice on that for better spectrum spread and growth.

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