Mp10 & MP40


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Apr 26, 2019
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Has anyone tried putting an MP10 wet side on an MP40 dry side?

the MP10 I have won’t stay on the glass as it is 12mm but the area I want the wet side is too small for the MP40 head

looking for options AND real experience. Please note in your response which it which.

Thanks and enjoy the hobby!!

That guy

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Jul 24, 2015
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Had that problem I think with just over the 10mm size I silicone and super glued it on the tank I did have to do one setting that wasn't able to run at 100 but worked so far but still 1 mm to consider


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Jan 30, 2019
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Tomball, TX

In case you were still wondering, you can do this, with one limitation that I noticed. Long story short, I did a 5 day experiment and ran all (5) base modes, 24 hours each at 100% in a test tank. It ran well with no hiccups except, it actually seemed about 30%-ish less power, if that makes sense? For example, If I were running the MP10/MP10 at 100% and ran the MP40/MP10 combo at 100%, it seemed to actually run about 70%. And, this is just an observation as I am not sure why but, it ran fine otherwise. Surprisingly very quiet even at 100%. I wish I had done the experiment with both setups in the same test tank and went between them as I could get a better feel of the actual difference.

Now, I can't recommend this nor do I have any clue if this would last or how it would run long term. I never contacted Ecotech to ask any questions. I did run it on my aquarium (1/2" acrylic) for a couple of days but took it off as my MP10's seem to run well, even on the 1/2" thickness. That's for another thread though. If you run it on a 1/2" wall aquarium it will not work with the recommended thin spacer. You have to use the gasket as the magnet isn't powerful enough on the MP10 wet side and the heavy MP40 dry side. Let me know if you have any questions!

Also, please excuse poor blue pics as I actually just set that up on a whim just to show it can/did work.

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