MP40 vs MP60 for 6ft tank?

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Sep 17, 2020
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Gig Harbor
I am setting up a 300 gallon peninsula.. 6' x 3' x 27" tall. I was going to do 2 MP60s up high on one side and 3 MP40s lower down on the same side. I was also considering a large Gyre up high on the other side. I don' want to see the pumps on the 3 sides of the tank.

Wont be running bare bottom so am a little worried about sand in the water column. I have been looking for a large quantity if reef bones to use in the high flow areas instead of sand.

Hope this works :)

From what i can think that is nice setup. Based on my conversation with the guy i bought the MP 60's from and who ran 6, 8, and 10 foot tanks:

  • MP 60's:
    • Limit to push water across the tank is 6 to 8 feet.
    • It's a broad flow even near the pump, so can coral there and not totally blast it.
    • Need to be about 6-8 inches below the surface at high flow rates to prevent sucking air from the water surface
    • He recommended four MP 60's on my tank, in the corners of the back of the peninsula, two eight inches from the surface, and two eight inches from the bottom of the tank.
  • MP 40's:
    • Good flow but won't push water/reach 6 feet at the end of the tank. Maybe three close enough together though changes that.

@sanzz18 - Would a Gyre or two fit your needs better?

I was really looking at gyres, but everyone i talk to said the maintenance is a bear and needs to be done frequently. MP 60's, not so much.

That said, if a big enough gyre could be on the back of the peninsula, return end, up high and magnet holding it on in the external overflow or on the eurobrace, that could look pretty sleek, not noticeable, and probably stronger flow down towards the end of the tank from what i have read.

The maintenance issue and cord in the tank, ultimately, was the deal breaker on the gyre for me though.

If i was to get a gyre, i think i'd go with the red sea reefwave:

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