My 150L new tank



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Nov 3, 2021
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Hi all im completely new to marine fish tanks and starting with a 150L rimless tank. After all my panicing (which some of you may have seen) about my cabinet under my tank and trying to get it level only to have it start its decent into its own destruction, finally after building it a new skeleton out of timber the cabinet became sturdier and using some leveling feet i got the cabinet bob on level and of course put some polystyrene under the tank to prevent the pressure cracks?
Filled the tank up and placed my rocks ontop of 1/2 an inch on coral sand to avoid it being on the bare bottom and left it for 1 week with pumps and heater going as i was told thats what you do prior to putting fish in.
Today I went out and bought a pair of clownfish and 2 peices of live rock, placed them in with some bacteria from a bottle and began the process of cycling. Hoping to be adding a few peices of coral into the tank later on down the road but i think i'll need a better light

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