My Biocube “Build”


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Jan 9, 2020
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Hey everyone, so I actually set my Biocube up about a month ago but I thought this would be a good place to record my observations and kinda just talk about my tank. So I set up the tank about a month and two weeks ago. Cycled with dry and live rock, live sand, and Biospira. It cycled in about 2 weeks and then I added a CUC. A few weeks later I got my first corals, some zoanthids which appear to be Daisycutters and a Rhodactis Mushroom. After those did good for a bit I got a green sinularia leather which is doing really great. Then after that an order from Vivid Aquariums. Purple Monster Zoas, Nirvanas, and a orange ricordea which are all doing well now. I also have a pair of Clownfish in QT right now. Sorry for jumbled overview of the tank but I just wanted to be caught up. I’ll post more updates soon I’m picking up some corals later this week. Also my aquascape on the top left isn’t totally done I’m probably going to move that around.

925CBAF0-A2F4-42F4-85A2-64B7B8398E05.jpeg 828BF49D-B567-4F76-89A9-0D696302B2B8.jpeg B5F19B93-EA16-450E-90D0-DCE56F109B7B.png EE917031-70EC-40BC-821E-A274D3883818.jpeg 6C181DCC-392B-4C1A-8BC7-503FAF9E865E.jpeg 105F3A8D-A61A-4ED6-A67F-F873A74EE675.jpeg F219D25D-B2CE-408C-B3A1-D175AF089869.jpeg ABF1CCC1-6DBD-4D04-BA5F-0E0A9FA30B28.jpeg 1E6B67ED-D9BC-46CD-A803-22A1AC2DE5DA.jpeg 9D6D7DE2-0B21-489F-AB13-B9B1AE65D7DC.jpeg
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