My New Innovative Marine Nano Build

Panama Brown

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Jan 22, 2021
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Jacksonville, FL
The reason I started this build is because I traded a couple of small zoa colonies for a pair of Black Ocellaris Clownfish, to put in my office aquarium. Originally, in my office I had a 2.5g tank with a baby clown that was just too small to keep these guys in, so I decided to pick up a 10g Innovative Marine AIO and have began the cycle. Using living Aragonite sand, with Life Rock, AI Prime 16, AquaVitro Seed, IM UV sterilizer, AquaChar Activated Carbon, biospheres taken from my Waterbox 180 home display, & have a IceCap K1 skimmer on its way now.

When I received my new buddies I realized how big they were and instantly knew I had to upgrade. I had no plans for this build and had just blew my wad at RAP a couple weekends prior. Luckily I have buddy that was sitting on this Aquarium and he just so happened to owe me some $ so we called it even steven and here I am.... I couldn't be happier and I know when this is all said and done this tank is going to be immaculate. The main theme of the tank are my pair of clowns, as they will be the "show piece" of the tank. However I also plan to add an Anemone and some high end shrooms and zoas.

This picture is of the build pre fish and coral. I will update as I go. Can't wait to see the progress / final outcome.
Happy Reefing!!!!


Do you take notice when your coral starts stretching or shrinking?

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