My sons 60 gallon Tank


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Jul 22, 2021
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Hi everyone,

Saltwater tanks are new to me. I have had plenty of freshwater tanks growing up but never a saltwater tank. I always wanted one as a kid but could never afford one. Fast forward about 20 years and I have a son who is an ocean and fish encyclopedia. He has hounded me for years to get a saltwater tank and has been saving his money for one. We were watching and waiting for a tank to go on sell and found a used 60 gallon tank on Craigslist that was being sold for $200. When we went to pick it up the person selling it said they were moving and we ended up with all of the equipment, rock, sand, salt, fish food, and other stuff for not only the 60 gallon, but also a 40, 25, 20, and a 10 gallon tanks. needless to say he was ecstatic. We have donated most of the smaller tanks to friends but have kept the 60 and 20 gallon tanks. So you can kind of say this is my sons tank.

The 20 gallon is sitting empty but will become a small clownfish and anemone tank for my wife for her elementary school class sometime in the future. Any advice here would be great.

So the stats currently are.

60 gallon tank with stand.
Marineland canister filter - cant remember the exact model.
Seaclone 100 protein Skimmer
Current USA LED Reef light
Koralia 3G 1350 - Powerhead pump

Currently we have
2 Clownfish
1- Yellow Tail Damselfish
1- Bubble Tip Anemone
4 snails
1 serpent starfish

The picture is not very good and was taken during a dyno outbreak. Which has now cleared up. Currently starting to see algae forming.


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