For sale Nano equipment and free stuff


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Shipping Available
2 Sicce Nano 1000 - $40 shipped
Intank media basket for Fluval Evo 13.5 (first chamber) - $30 shipped

Free stuff with purchase (shipping may be extra depending on what you want)
2 Apex displays (turns on but not working)
Apex classic brain (turns on but won't connect)
Sicce wave maker
led strip (missing wall wart)
plumbing manifold (unions on both ends)
Icecap 250w Elect ballast with a few DE bulbs

Have you ever torn down a tank over an issue you couldn't seem to beat?

  • Yes! I have. (Tell us about what issue you faced in the thread.)

    Votes: 185 24.7%
  • No. Thankfully, I haven't.

    Votes: 387 51.7%
  • Nope, but it almost happened. (Share your experience in the thread.)

    Votes: 55 7.3%
  • Not yet, but I'm almost there. (Tell us what you're dealing with.)

    Votes: 61 8.1%
  • If you reef long enough, this will eventually happen to you.

    Votes: 47 6.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 14 1.9%
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