Nano Tank Shrimp Compatibility Experience? Sexy - Pedersons - Tiger Pistol


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Dec 30, 2020
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Wisconsin Cow Country
So I jumped the gun (pun intended) and got a Tiger Pistol for my Yellow Watchman in my 20 cube. They were BFFs in an hour. And then I found out I'm addicted to Rock Nems.

Now I must have Sexy shrimp with my Rock Nems. Or Pedersons. Or both??

I just set up a 35 AIO that has 2 clowns and a few Rock Nems also...

Also have a 4' tank but it has a Coral Banded and a skunk cleaner.

Multiple questions...

Can I add Sexy Shrimp to the 20 with the Tiger Pistol or will he quickly enjoy a few expensive dinners??? Should I just put the Sexys in the 35...or maybe I try to move the YWG and Pistol to the 35?

Just trying to figure out if either the Pedersons or Sexy would be safe with a Tiger Pistol? As I would love to do Sexy shrimps in the 20 where they are easier to see...

Are Sexies safe anywhere?? Like our bigger tank?? They are soooo tiny!

Thanks for any experiences or input...

My 20 currently:

rock nems.jpg


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Apr 18, 2020
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I think you should add them in with the pistol shrimp (the sexy shrimp) I do not see any huge issues with the pistol going after them!

Very nice rock flowers! Also huge fan of YWG and having one paired with a pistol shrimp is by far I think one of the nicest symbiotic pairs in our reefs!

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