NB Reefer Cade 600 S2 Cubey Build

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Dec 19, 2017
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Denver, CO
So my second build thread here on R2R. I need to get some photos from my phone, I know photos or it didn't happen. I won this Cade 600 S2 from Mile High Tides in Denver, CO a year or two ago. It was in storage until I moved into a house recently. Excited that it is wet and cycled. Hoping to stock with LPS, SPS, and some softies. Currently looking for springeri damsels to start. Need to plan out what other fish/inverts to stock.

Setup and Equipment:
Cade 600 S2 tank, stand, and sump
Bashsea 6-24 twisted skimmer in the sump
Reef Octopus VarioS 6 running return and manifold
Jebao DCW 5000 running the Bashsea skimmer. I wanted to run the skimmer off the manifold originally but didn't work when I tried it
Aqua Gadget Pro Media reactor running carbon. In the future, I want to run a mini reactor off the manifold
Finnex 300w heater and controller
Radion XR15 G4 Pro with Reefbrite XHO-K15 LEDs
AI Nero 5 with the guard, possibly adding a second in the future
BRS 6 Stage RODI plus water saver
Fritz Red Box salt, transitioning to Aquaforest in future
Caribsea sand
Various rock, previously live
Hygger ceramic filter media in sump
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