For sale Need Reefapalooza Spending Money :) Corals for Sale!!

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Leaving for Reefapalooza tomorrow and hoping to pad the bank alittle bit so I can get some cool stuff, I still have tons of nice acro frags, and would do 3 for $50 on not wysiwyg asst Maricultured acro, and I’ll give you a nice mix of colors.
Pm your zip and what you’re interested in buying and I’ll give you a shipping quote, I’ll cover as much of it as I can!

1. Red/pink gonipora, orangey/yellowey tips - which was not out yet this morning when I photographed it, but it’s out like 80% of the time, photo from yesterday attached. That’s been fragged for about 3 weeks now, sold the mother colony last week, and keeping one so this is the last frag available of this one.
2. Acan Lord, grown in my tank from 1 small polyps, a lot of little baby polyps forming around the sides. $40
3. Needle in the Hay Acropora, cultured over 90 days, $40
4. Pink & the Bear, cultured more than 90 days, $100
5. Branching Pokerstar Montipora Stellatta, this one branches! Just cut this frag off of a big piece of base growth. $40
6. Cc Castaway Monti $25, really cool rim of bright pink new growth. Cultured over 90 days
7. space Invader Pectinia, very 3 dimensional frag, it’s like a “chip” standing up, alot of coral tissue, cultured over 90 days - $75
8. Unknown zoas, cultured 30 days - $15
9. Beacon Zoas, cultured 30 days - $15
10. Pink & Golds, cultured 30 days - $10
11. 24k gold lepto, cultured over 90 days - $25
12. Meteor shower Cyphastrea, cultured 90 days $35
13. “Pink Sand Dollar” I believe it’s called - not sure if it’s a Monti or a porites, but it’s super cool, over 90 days cultured - $25.
14. Crazy T Monti, over 90 days cultured, $50
15. Purple Death Palys, cultured 30 days, 2 polyps +2 baby polyps, $30 Mille with green new growth - the top of one of the stores got irritated when it touched another acro, about 21 days ago, separated them quickly and the spot is mostly healed with a small piece that is dead cultured with hard algae growth - very minor blemish, 90 days cultured - $40
17. Maricultured acro, cool shape, getting green base with purple corralites so far, 30 days+ since import, 21 days since fragging. $30
18. Really nice chunky acro, red developing st the forefront, with like orange or yellow undertones it looks like. Same mariculture lot as #17 and the next few. $30
19. Mariculture pink Mille frag $30
20. Frag that’s sharded off really small from an excellent staghorn I got like 6 months ago. This frag is small, but it’s also pushing 90 days old. $30
22. Bright green Maricultured tenuis, $30
23. Blue Maricultured tenuis with green lined corralites. $30
21 & 24 ricordea Florida $30 ea or both for $55.
25. GOLD Ricordea $60
26. Green Favia with yellow/orange eyes, big chunk, fragged 25 days ago!! $40.


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