Neptune Apex PM1, Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor, Apex ready CO2 regulator with precision dial, Avast Marine Davy Jones Locker Large, and Seneye Reef



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Feb 24, 2019
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Hi everyone,

IM selling a few items that I do not need for my new build. I went in a different direction and I have some very nice stuff up for grabs. I will list the prices below and they are all negotiable. Shipping may or may not be included dependent upon the deal.
I appreciate everyone and look forward to discussing the equipment if need be.

Neptune Apex PM1 module 2 months old: $60

Korallin C1502 brand new with John Guest fittings and original Korallin fittings and Eheim pump (never used): $350

Stainless Steel Apex Ready CO2 regulator NEW, dual stage, swagelok needle valve, clippers, ev mouse solenoid: $400

Avast Marine Davy Jones Locker Large with Apex ready I/O: $150

Seneye reef pack with 3 extra slides, DRI box, WiFi Module used once: $300

Thank you!

IMG-5086.jpg IMG-5087.jpg IMG-5088.jpg IMG-5089.jpg IMG-5091.jpg
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