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Jun 10, 2020
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Any progress in this project?
It’s been progressing slowly ever since the holidays then ended up getting sick after New Years which also set me back some on the build. Since my last update I’ve bought a second Maxspect mj-dc12k return pump to run (2) returns and have been working on finishing up the doors to my stand which I’ll have put on this weekend and just the other day I pulled (2) new 20amp circuits from my panel down to my sump area for dedicated circuits for everything, along with a 3rd circuit that was existing that I’ll use for stuff that doesn’t draw much since other stuff in my basement is tied to it.

I’ve also decided as I was getting ready to plumb the sump into the main DT right before I got sick that I’m going to build a barrier wall between my hvac system and my sump to keep any moisture from causing any issues with the metal hvac stuff right next to it. I’ll be building a wall up to the ceiling and then drywalling everything around the sump with green board drywall and then glueing white frp paneling onto the drywall to protect from moisture. Now that I’m finally getting better I hope to start having more updates again a bit more frequently soon. Hope to have the doors on the stand by this weekend and stand will be 100% finished and have the wall built and be able to start plumbing the tank by the end of this weekend


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