New A3 Apex & 25th Anniversary limited edition

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Nov 21, 2008
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Orlando, Florida
New Product alert! WWC is proud to announce that we will have the new A3 Apex, A3 Apex Pro, and the limited edition 25th Anniversary A3 Apex Pro for sale starting tomorrow, 8/3/22.

New accessories bundled with each system:
The A3 Pro will include all new, industry-first, Liquid Level Sensor (LLS) which will have the ability to measure and monitor the depth of water and a new optical multi-surface leak detection probe that works on any surface and is epoxied for repeat use.
The A3 Apex will include a new Magnetic Optical Sensor that is designed to better prevent water incursion and includes our classic Solid Surface Leak Detector (LD-2).
The 25th Anniversary edition will come with a hat, shirt, and special badging on the base
Quantities are limited. Be sure to get yours before they sell out!


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