New Acro pink flesh but no polyp extension


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Nov 27, 2020
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Got a master yoda acro from TSM aquatics during a live sale. It’s supposed to be green with orange and purple. When I received it, it was slightly brown/tan but that’s to be expected. Did coral dip Etc.

for the first 2 weeks I saw the orange/green polyps just inside the tubes but not extended.

last week I’ve seen no polyps. But the flesh of the stick is still pink and fuzzy. It’s in a high light (300 par+) and high flow area.

this is my fist SPS so not sure if no polyps and lack of “green” color on the flesh is something to worry about?

Parameters are stable and I check them weekly:

salt: 1.026
Ph 8.1 (falls at night)
Dkh 8.5
Calcium 420
Mag 1300
P04 0.04
Nitrate 5ppm

my Acans, torch and frogspawn doing great!

I run 2 radion xr15 blues on the AB+ spectrum for 11 hours.

mp40 with randomized flow throughout the day. skimmer and carbon. I also use RODI water 0 TDS and have been using tropic Marin pro salt.

many ideas how to get this acro to color up? Also, show polyps?

I just got the brightwell coral amino to see if this helps.

other than that, is it just a waiting game?


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Dec 8, 2020
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in my opinion I would first worry about the coral in terms of “survival”
Meaning, check if at least during the night, the acropora is extending its polyps.
Par level seems reasonable as start... but depends where the sps was before.

Next to that, in general, is “more likely“ that sps will lose some colour than keep or gain it in the first months.

Long story short, first make sure that coral fine... than you can go for a long fight with fine tuning colours :)

No need to supplement anything for now... make sure that the tank is stable in terms of parameters.
Every time that you add something, the system needs to adapt to it as well...

Good luck


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Oct 22, 2019
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Fond Du Lac, WI
Well acros take a while to settle in, usually if they make it more than a week they are out of the major concern time. Just keep doing what your doing if it’s got color it should be ok. I’ve had some that do nothing for 6 months before they suddenly start growing like crazy.
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