New Clownfish Staying on sand bed


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Nov 9, 2022
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I purchased a 2nd clownfish two days ago and he has had me worried since being in the tank. He alternates between swimming around the tank to laying down in the sand bed for up to hours at a time I'm sure. I have my female in a breeding box because I'm scared shes going to nip at him. He seemed to play dead when the FSW took him out of the tank, and he doesn't seem to be struggling, I'm just worried. Water parameters are good and my female is lively and well. Does anyone have any advice? Should i Keep my female in the box until the newly introduced clown starts swimming more often? Should I switch the fish or do I just allow the fish to do its thing? Lights have been off to avoid extra stress as he wasn't liking them. He was doing this with them on aswell
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