New for ProfiLux Mini and Light Wi-Fi: ATO and AWC support

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Jul 27, 2016
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ProfiLux Mini and Light Wi-Fi can now do even more

The new ProfiLux Mini/Light adapter (Art.No. PL-2024) enhances the ProfiLux Mini and ProfiLux Light aquarium computers (Wi-Fi versions):
  • 3 Level sensor inputs
  • 1 output for GHL automatic feeder (coming soon)
To use the new functions, the ProfiLux Mini/Light Wi-Fi firmware 1.15, GHL Control Center and the latest version of the app GHL Connect are required.

Available now in our download section or in the App Store or Play Store.

Pricing and Availability

ProfiLux Light Wi-Fi Highlights​

  • 16-channel lighting control with numerous simulation functions
  • Connections for switching sockets and 1-10V interfaces
  • Level control (ATO), automatic water change (AWC), leakage alarm
  • Pump control
  • Timer
  • Feed pause, maintenance programs, reminder functions
  • USB, Wi-Fi
  • Easy and convenient setting via free app GHL Connect, cloud service myGHL, web interface or PC software.
Read more about ProfiLux Light WiFi here.

ProfiLux Mini Wi-Fi​

All the functions of ProfiLux Light Wi-Fi, plus measurement and control of pH and temperature.
Read more about ProfiLux Mini Wi-Fi here.

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