New High End Acro Pack with Mr Saltwater Tank

Discussion in 'World Wide Corals' started by WWC, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Recently Mr Saltwater Tank stopped by here at WWC and met with Chris to showcase a New High End SPS Pack!!

    If you have been in the market for high end SPS but you just couldn't find what you are looking for, then this is the right pack for you!

    That is right, Mr. Saltwater Tank and WWC have teamed up to bring you a High End Acropora Pack!

    • You will receive 1 frag each of the following Acroporas: WWC Nuclear Grapes Acropora, WWC Ding Dang Millepora Acropora, WWC Purple Candle Acropora, WWC Man of Steel Acropora, and the WWC Jello Shot Millepora Acropora.


    Create an instantaneous Acro collection with this eye-catching pack! These stunning Acros are rarely available alone, so to be offered at a pack price is unheard of!

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