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Jul 25, 2018
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I added this magnifica approximately 2 weeks ago. I did not quarantine and treat as It looked healthy but definitely bleached when I got it. It has not deflated at all and would ball up nicely when fed. The base is a purplish red color. My question is how long before I know what colors the tentacles will end up being. Right nowbthey have changed from white when I got it to a purplish tint with yellow tips. Can magnificas have a purple body and purple tips or are they usually different? I’ve been feeding mysis and occasional clam strips. My wild Onyx pair steals food sometimes but overall have been loving their anemone.

6737D6D9-534F-423C-A2A0-C5D2707B5661.jpeg D0BC1211-8043-4037-9AA7-227AB5C54AEF.jpeg 9756EC79-6B98-48C5-A86E-595BC1136F89.jpeg
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Oct 15, 2011
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Bay Area, CA
The tips will probably get a brighter greenish yellow, and the tentacles themselves will become more brownish. Adding more flow should make the tentacles longer, but in my experience, that particular color morph tends to have shorter tentacles.

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