For sale New RD3 100w flow pump 720 shipped, ATI led powermodule T5 8 bulb, 2 led clusters

Light picked up 500, shipped 625, pump shipped 720, picked 700
or best offer
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For sale unused RD3 100w pump I bought fron BRS during black friday sake.
My plans changed so this is for sale. Will come with BRS reciept my details blacked out for warranty purposes.
700 picked up in 10509 Brewster NY
730 shipped lower 48 paypaled shipped etc
I use another 100w and 230w both like 5 years old no problem.
Compared to Abyzz I like them more.

Also please see
First Gen ATI led powermodule with 8 bulbs and 2 led clusters. I used the lights 18 months then in sat in storage as my other equipment. It does have a little rust seen in pics. Reflectors near end have little scar but this is a par monster.
I don't think it effects anything.

This can be programmed by controller, led cluster 1, led cluster 2 and t5s are on two channels.
Attached see some demo videos of it working great.
Also pics showing normal wear and tear.
This is too heavy to ship but I will at buyers expense.
I want 650 for the light
Pickup in Brewster 10509
Poughkeepsie 12603 pickup price 500 cash

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