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    We are pleased to announce new livestock shipping rates for the lower 48.

    Fedex priority overnight is still our shipper of choice and our new rates are as follows.

    $1 to $100 = $55 shipping
    $101 to $200 = $45
    $201 to $300 = $35
    $301 to $400 = $25
    $401 and up = $15

    Shipping policies are as follows:

    On livestock orders we very seldom ship the same day. If you have to have it shipped the same day you order please call first. You will be contacted by phone or email to work out a shipment date. If the weather is below 15 degrees we may delay your shipment. If weather conditions are not favorable here or at the destination we may delay your shipment. Nobody likes coral popsicles.

    With regard to Drygoods, orders will not be charged shipping at the time of order. Actual shipping charges will be added when the fedex label is generated. Drygoods can be included with live goods orders and no additional charges will apply.
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