New tank how to prevent cross contamination help please



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Aug 22, 2019
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Westminster, Ma
I am starting a new tank and I'm looking for some advice. I am moving my 15gal into a 75gal aquarium. Very exciting!!!! So I need some advice because I have vermetid snails, bristle worms and hair algae. The bristle worms and hair algae arnt really a concern but the snails are a very big concern. Whatever species I have spread like wild fire and my rocks look like something out of hellreaiser. I have already moved my 2 paired clowns to the new tank I moved with a net to a bucket then another bucket then to the new tank. My questions are

1 - I have 2 MP10s on the old tank (I know super overkill they are barely on I was looking to the future) and a larger DC return pump that I all want to move to the new tank. How long should I soak in citric acid to nuke everything on the equipment or should I soak in something else?

2 - I have a toadstool coral that I'm fond of and its on a plug. I will have to remove the coral from the plug but can I just dunk that in a couple of different buckets and transfer it into the new tank?
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