new tank with scripps water


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Nov 28, 2013
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I just started a new tank with scripps water. (I work close by so why not get free saltwater)

My parameters are
ph 7.8
nitrate 0
phosphate 0.17
salinity 1.024
Alk 7.6
Calcium 410

My parameters has been STABLE. My goals are to raise ph, have detectable nitrate, and lowering phosphate. I'm still debating on alkalinity.

My tank has been cycled for two weeks. it has some low end corals. no fish.

I'm starting to see diatoms on some specks of sand. I assume its from rinsing my sand in tap in the beginning.

I'm thinking once I add a fish, my nitrate should rise. Should I slowly lower phosphate and adjust other parameters.

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