"New to me" 110g bowfront



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Mar 21, 2021
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Well this is build thread #2 for me. I have a 13.5g Fluval Evo build thread and now starting this "new to me" tank. I recently purchased a 110g bowfront tank and stand. The stand is falling apart so the tank will not be set up until a new stand is either bought or built. I do think building one is the way I'm gonna have to go because I can't find a bowfront stand big enough. Not sure exactly what I'm going to focus on in it yet but I do know there are quite a few fish I would finally like to have now that I have a large enough space for them. Anyway....here's a pic of it just sitting in my livingroom begging for attention. Oh and the orange tape is to hold the door shut, the hinges are rusty and need replaced so they hold the door open partially.

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