New to R2R. Starting over after 10 years tankless

Best reef aquarium LED lighting
Best reef aquarium LED lighting

Rick Mathew

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Mar 21, 2016
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North Central Florida
Hi all! Im new to R2R, but not so new to reef aquariums. I've been 10 years dry without a tank to care for. At that time I had two reef tanks, a 75 gal with sump and 28 jbj nanocube. But after my chiller broke and corals beguin to die, and I still dont know why, I sold everything.

Some weeks ago, a friend ask me to help him to assamble and setup a RedSea max s650, of course I accepted and begun the process of memories and nostalgia. I looked at my old reefs pictures and everything started to get clear. I decided to get back on reefing.

Started to look and ask on local stores and aquarium contacts, and destiny had me a surprise. One of my old aquarium contacts had a built to order aquarium, brand new, that the original customer didnt want cause of the color of stand wood. He offer me a good price in order to get rid of it and now Im setting up a 110 gal, no sump, reef tank!

Im planning to use a lots of live rock, actually a mix between live and dry rock, a 2" or 3" sand bed, shrimp cycling, moderate fish load, large CUC and lots of patience.

Tanks is large, about 60" long and 28" tall. Thats a huge window to admire and enjoy but also brings 3 main problems: aquascaping is challenging, setting up and cleaning is more difficult and lighting!! Im planning to have some modular system as Ai prime or kessil, and put corals on upper 2/3rds of tank in order to light reach them...

So, very exited with my new reef project and for beeing here in R2R. Thanks.!

Any comment or suggestion will be very welcome.
Welcome to the R2R Family…Great to have you…See you are not new to reefing!!...Explore…Learn…Share

Best reef aquarium LED lighting

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