New to saltwater in Vermont

Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED lighting


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Apr 18, 2020
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Hello from Vermont! I am brand new to saltwater but have had freshwater tanks over the years. Boy is it different! I was gifted a used, pre-drilled 75 gallon and have been reading posts for weeks on R2R. They have been so helpful and thought I should make it official and register! So far I'm loving my new hobby but I'm only at the stage of finishing my plumbing and playing around with my aquascape. I'm looking forward to getting water in the tank and exploring all that R2R has to offer!
Welcome to in my opinion on of the best hobbies in the world! This hobby is an opportunity to recreate a piece of the ocean in the comfort of your home! Reef2Reef is a great place to be to learn all about the hobby, and can find some valuable resources!

If you are looking for maybe something to watch on your free time and get a better for feel for reef keeping come check out my channel on YouTube! Could be some helpful tips! Hope to chat soon, cheers!


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