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Ok, just started my new tank. Should I add fish first or coral??

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Aug 11, 2019
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Welcome to R2R! Take your time, I know you are itching to put life in that tank. As others have said, think about what you want in there long term. Nothing wrong with adding corals or fish first (or both at the same time). Just take some time to figure out what you can about your stock list. Happy reefing!


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Jan 5, 2019
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Hello and welcome from NorCal! This site is amazing and has a ton of good info, advise, and people. I am sure you'll come to rely on and love this place. My advise would be to take things slow. Read, read, and read some more through cycling topics, fish stocking topics, coral care topics, and maintenance topics. This is a hobby that rewards careful consideration and patience. That last one is still difficult for me, but we will always advise it. Your reef is looking great! Happy reefing!


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Feb 21, 2019
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Greater Houston area
Welcome to R2R!!!

As others have said, best advice is to take it slow, especially in the beginning when cycling your tank.

You should definitely add fish first. And some CUC. I would wait another month or two after adding fish before adding some hardy corals. Like mushrooms, zoas, or any other soft coral, maybe also a hardy lps like a hammer, frogspawn, blastomussa, or a duncan coral.

Also, I would avoid damsels. I made that mistake, and I could not add any other fish, or invertebrates for that matter. Add a few new snails for CUC? Killed them. Hermit crabs and cleaner shrimp? Ate them. A sixline wrasse for pest control? Dead before the next morning.

As for other fish you could get, depends on size of tank really. But a wrasse is always a good option, like a fairy wrasse or small flasher like a McCosker's Flasher Wrasse. You could also get a small hawkfish like a Falco, Flame, or Longnose. One that I would like to get in a future tank (if O wanted onw now, I would need to get rid of my Gramma) is an Assessor Basslet, either a Randall's Assessor or a Yellow Assessor.

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