Noopsyche 2021 Merry Christmas!!! Giveaway!!! 20% discount countdown


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Aug 27, 2018
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MERRYCHRISTMAS Noopsyche Giveaway!!! Post a poster first

Merry Christmas to the R2R members who enter in this giveaway event!! I wish you a healthy body and do not stay up all night

* Be sure to make a separate post in this thread after completing every of the bonus entries. (this is important since we will be using a random number generator to pick the winning post).

Official Entry:

how many years you have joined this hobby? And let us see your whole tank picture~

Bonus 1- Tag a member of Reef2Reef in this thread and say <Merry Christmas> !!! You do that by add the @ symbol in front of their username. So for Noopsyche it would be the @ then Noopsyche. It would look like this once complete: @noopsyche . You can get 5 bonus everyday by @ 5 different member Separately who has not post on this thread yet. please note that repeating [email protected] the same person will not get bonus. (For example Bonus 1-1, Bonus 1-2 .... and so on)

Bonus 2- Looking back on what impressed you most in this hobby in 2021. Say everything you want!

Bonus 3- Add the URL of this giveaway event on your signature, hold it until the end of this giveaway event. Both the title and URL need to be added. If you are an R2R support member, generate a clickable link

Bonus 4- Search <NP K7 V3 aquarium lighting> in Google, find our website and click it to Browse.

Date: Entries will be accepted through Dec. 26th.

  • PRIZE 1: NP K7 V3 140watt LED Reef Light+ Controller (1 WINNER)
  • PRIZE 2: $100 Gift Card (2 WINNER)
Thank you for joining this giveaway event! Happy holiday! ! ;Happy ;Hilarious

***Want more? Hurry up to enter another Christmas giveaway event held by Daniel ***​

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May 22, 2020
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Northern Ontario, Canada
Bonus 4:

How often do you buy coral from other hobbyists?

  • Very Often

    Votes: 49 22.3%
  • Occasionally

    Votes: 77 35.0%
  • Very Rare

    Votes: 41 18.6%
  • Never

    Votes: 46 20.9%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 7 3.2%
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