Octopus DDNW-250 Skimmer

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Fox Valley Reef Club' started by Fishcrazy06, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I am looking at selling my skimmer and upgrading to a different one. I have an octopus DDNW-250 skimmer that works very good but I am wanting to try something different. Not sure if anyone in the club would need something this big but if interested let me know.

    Looking to get 400 for it.

    DDNW-250 Specifications:

    - 10" Diameter
    - 30" Tall
    - Recirculating Pumps (included): 2 x Octopus OTP 3000, 790GPH.
    - - Requires additional feed pump with gph rating at approx. 1.5 times volume of your system.
    - Recommended for aquariums up to 650 gallons
    - Approx. Footprint 22.5" x 12.5"

    Any other questions let me know. This thing is a beast.

    Here is a link for a picture of the skimmer. However, the description down farther says its for a ddnw-150 but it clearly isn't a 150 by the picture. Link is for picture reference only.


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