OG Poletti Jawbreakers + Carpet Bounce + Deepwater Ricordea & More


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May 22, 2018
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Selling off some of my mushroom collection to help with funds for the surgery I found out one of my dogs is in need of as well as to pay for some replacement livestock of fish/coral I lost due to a massive flood a few weeks back. Pictures are labeled/numbered and the prices are listed below. All pictures are WYSIWYG. If interested please text 734-725-98fiveO. Package deals welcome and prices are negotiable if taking more than one item.

#1 OG Poletti JB Quarter size momma - SOLD

#2 Rainbow Color Deepwater Ricordea - SOLD

#3 Unique Orange/Blue Ricordea Rock (6-8 polyps) - $140 shipped

#4 Crown Jewel Ricordea (named by me, have had for several years, never seen another like it. Picture 4A is same mushroom just before I removed it from rock and placed in shroom box) - SOLD

#5 Nice Orange Ricordea (these get huge and bubbles also get big) - $40 + shipping or add to any piece that includes shipping for $25

#6 Very Unique Multicolor Rhodactis Rock (8 adult size polyps 2-3 babies. Some showing bounce potential) - $165 shipped for entire rock

#7 Nice Blasto Colony - $200 shipped

#8 Carpet Bounce Type Shroom - SOLD

D4A13948-227F-43C7-BB49-C1AB9D4191B3.jpeg AE104409-B3BB-485F-A40A-C20EE87CE210.jpeg D0EB5102-1B13-4B81-AE4A-1DC6F35AE7DB.jpeg DB8436A3-EC37-482A-A171-9BFD4E82D7F2.jpeg 1430195F-E4DF-4027-B212-E4E5A81B17B7.jpeg 7AAA4F36-FD88-4EBD-B59A-3080D73D84A5.jpeg 87E4A91F-C8E6-4574-B5A4-A7A2EFF4E39F.jpeg 11682B96-8494-4A63-B909-D6AD7B0E2EDF.jpeg 701160B9-31E0-4E68-A0ED-CD5052C84574.jpeg 2AF82B8F-03C2-4EB8-8DB9-3AB75620ED6A.jpeg AE98364E-37EF-45AB-A777-745536DF9443.jpeg 50240ACA-FEEC-4CC5-9014-7978D3AE031C.jpeg 028AC749-186D-4687-9ABC-F9CD39BC8B67.jpeg 071DF749-FA4B-40E3-8F15-F58C3A644752.jpeg CE6C6A2A-AEC3-459C-AE22-7DFB501417F1.jpeg 35FD87F4-7661-4DBE-868C-46EE68D14BF3.jpeg D85DF6C0-B2D1-4E7D-B6F6-825FF13AA3F3.jpeg 1247B4A7-CC82-4629-B9C4-9923062539AD.jpeg FF095BF6-BCC2-4679-831C-0ED08D9AF8A9.jpeg C93EFCE2-C174-4193-8FBA-B1D1D43925F6.jpeg B9887B20-8836-4AB7-9DCF-30DEBC6C0C5D.jpeg 53FCAD7D-142D-4BE7-AB08-27D38095BBEC.jpeg
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