Old school Neptune System Aquacontroller III PRO with extras


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May 19, 2009
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I am cleaning out stuff for a large build that never took place. These stuff has been in storage for about 7 years and it’s time to move on. I would like to sell as a package but it could be split into two if there are two parties interested.

In the package are (2) Aquacontroller III pro’s, (2) DC8’s, 1 DC4, a lunar sim with 5 leds, PX1000 module and two old temp probes.

these are being sold as is.

The controllers power on and pass function tests and the lunar modules all light when powered on, but need to be programmed to stay on.

the DC8’s show a green light when plugged in but I never figured out how to program the Aquacontroller so I can’t test the outlets.

not sure what to price this stuff at, but I’m thinking $350 shipped for everything. If I’m off the mark, please let me know. PayPal/Venmo accepted

70983E4F-C46D-4328-A75F-8741CD335B81.jpeg F96EF0C5-1820-43A2-A2BB-E73CC00CFF90.jpeg BBF6366B-279E-4109-8F98-1017E91ED7E0.jpeg 451FCB52-295C-4725-9553-13BB625035B2.jpeg D520DB21-0939-470C-9674-34F95D04CB52.jpeg F09FFDED-72BF-455C-95E8-F82EDE8414C7.jpeg BE35D51D-DEDE-4B1C-B3AB-86AEA24C8090.jpeg FE62137E-0A05-41EB-80A3-4E562FB96032.jpeg

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