ONE OF A KIND SCOLIES, Insane Rock Flowers, Euphyllia Galore, LC Hellfire BTA, + St. Thomas

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    Hello there reefers,

    Just updated the website with some INSANE cherry! For all of you euphyllia lovers, we just uploaded a bunch of variety including some vary rare morphs. There's a stunning yellow splatter branching hammer and a orange tipped frogspawn we haven't seen before. We also just got in the most gorgeous rock flower anemone along with two simply insane scolies. Head to the site to view everything including prices:

    A true ORANGE and YELLOW scoly, even has purple/blue markings. One of the best scolys we've ever seen.

    This rare variant of scoly is one of the more sought after types.

    Extremely rare violet skirt RFA! Large 3" in size.

    Very unique black centered RFA, the red skirts are simply flowing. 3" as well.

    Probably the best RFA we've ever received, pictures don't do this one justice. 3" in size.

    Our LC Hellfire Bubbletip Anemone, been aquaculturing this one for close to a year now.

    Cherry Red Snowy St. Thomas!

    Rare orange variant of St. Thomas

    Our Inner Core Black Torch, the neon green base with white tips is truly stunning.

    Teal tipped Gold Torch!

    Very odd blue tipped frogspawn

    Our favorite frogspawn, orange tips on a green body! And it's a branching variant as well. :)

    Rare gold stemmed radioactive splatter hammer! This will make a sweet showpiece for one lucky reefer.

    Limited quantity on these yellow splatter hammers. Night and day difference from your usual greens.


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