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One of the Best WYSIWYG Updates! WWC Bounce, High End Zoas, New Releases!!!

Legendary Corals

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Dec 25, 2013
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San Jose/Bay Area, CA
Hello reefers!

Just uploaded the website with 150+ WYSIWYG items! Brought a lot of rare goodies out of the vault including a WWC Bounce from the personal display. Plenty of goodies for LPS and Zoa lovers including a few limited releases. Check the site to view everything else: https://www.legendary-corals.com/new-arrivals

A couple of highlights!

WWC Bounce!!!

Jackson's Electric Bounce. All of those nodules are bubbles!

Superfreak Shroom

Incredibly rare Belize Ricordea variant, first time seeing this

Bubblegum Digi!

RR Crazy T Monti

Our Rainbow Montipora

LC Grafted Sunfire Cap

JKR Rainbow Apocalypse, huge well healed frag!

LC Energizer Cyphastrea, very cool white polyps

SCA Raspberry Cyphastrea

WWC Bizzaro Cyphastrea, super cool green highlights on the polyps

LC Blizzard Bizzaro Cyphastrea

New release! LC Alien Blood! SUPER bright piece

CC Mr. Freeze Leptoseris

New piece! SCA Afterburner Stylocoeniella! One of the coolest in the vault

Lemony Lime Leptastrea. Super bright piece

Rainbow Goniopora! Aquacultured and bullet proof.

Rain of War, great grafts on this frag

LC Yellow Fever, finally available again

LC High Octane Favia, one of the last pieces

FX Yellow Brick Road

Zen Reef's Frosted Maul Favia! A true rarity.

GB Buttkissers

CC Flaming Brohican

WWC Superstars! This one gets humongous polyps

RR USA Pink Diamonds

LC Blue Lagoons

Rare! LC Blue Ghosts. We only have these about once a year.

LC Goth Chicks

Rainbow Incinerators

Super hard to find, Orange Envies

LC Vampire Slayers

New Release! LC Sleepy Hollows

LC Hawkmoon

LC Rorschach

New Release, LC Power Rangers!

LC Infrareds​

Which do you prefer?

  • A few LARGE, not as colorful less expensive, coral colonies filling your tank

    Votes: 105 39.6%
  • A lot of TINY, but very colorful more expensive, frags covering the rock

    Votes: 114 43.0%
  • Other (please explain in thread)

    Votes: 46 17.4%

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