Opinions on Fritz Monster 460??



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Mar 21, 2022
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So I have a fowlr tank with 2 triggers, 2 puffers a snowflake and other less cool fish, but to the nitty gritty. So obviously regardless of my higher filtration and skimmer, these are awfully dirty fish, and while I have nitrates that stay around 50-60ppm which im fine with in this tank, I was having issues with cyano here and there. Mind you, this tank is running a run of the mill cheap aquarium light just for illumination. No coral or nems going to be in here ever. I looked up the fritz 460 which was recommended for predator tanks, and that stuff is legit. It wiped out all of the cyano and nuisance algae I had. No BS. And its a standard white light that grows algae like nothing. I just wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience or any at all with the 460.
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Did you start off in the reef hobby buying used equipment? Do you still use pre-owned equipment? (Choose all that apply)

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